We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I saw a couple eating donuts with knife and fork. Bronx born they are not.

In life, if you are poor what boss gives is what you get.

Some stride with hesitation.

Physical wounds heal quicker than mental ones.

Human emotion of “shame” has become a human disaster.

Mom gazes at Ipad, child gazes at mom.

Is a smile when on c ell phone equal to smile when with people?

I’m down to half a bagel a day.

A baby must pound on something.

I await arrival of wrinkles.

Some shake head while reading, I don’t.

I pride self on remembering appointments without writing them down.

These days more workers clean streets than build them.

Children gaze at strangers, it is in their genes.

I always marvel at the power of a bruise which heals itself.

Today, the choice is between who you have versus who you might get.

“Socialism” to Republicans means not being social to wealthy folk.

I have never witnessed such disrespect  for the presidency.

She leans forward as he talks, he leans back when she does. Married couple for many years.

I never got into physical racing, only mental racing.

Some enter shop, place sunglasses on top of head, I do.

Some sit with half body off seat, I do not.

At age 81,  options are limited for-anything!

Some firm bodies lead to firm minds, most do not.

“Conservative” Supreme Court justices are anything but, “conservative.”