We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I so miss an egg cream on hot days-dash of chocolate, dash of milk and seltzer.

Man in suit, woman in shorts, why?

People often get angry at me because my mind trods unexplored paths.

Age sends mind backwards, not forward.

The expression, “people of color” is meaningless, we are all people of color.

I so enjoy the sight of an elderly man jumping up from his seat.

These days gorgeous face and firm legs are all too often accompanied by a bit butt.

I have lost faith in the Facebook generation, too fixed on trivia.

Diets and food pervade the media.

Republicans exemplify the expression, “arrogance of the ignorant.”

I am uneasy if walking alone and there is someone behind me. I am Bronx born.

There are those who swing for the home run and those who swing for the single.

I have no interest in climbing a physical mountain, but as for a mental one….

To live in the world with laughter can only be surpassed by leaving it with laughter.

My mind is in the stars but my body is stuck on this  planet.

Patriotism for those under 30 does not extend past  people on Facebook.

Mid-day provides one a sense of rest–for the moment.

Moment of exhilaration when rubbing the lottery ticket.Oh well, a buck for a moment.

I await, “buy one get one funeral.”