We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old  mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Age leads me to lean on something while waiting in line.

If you have three children, one dashes ahead and one lags behind.

I was shocked when a man placed his sun glasses on  the back of his neck. A new sight for me.

Every so often the name of a  famous person escapes me.

Some sit daintily, I do not.

Some place left arm in lap while talking. I do not.

I do not sip coffee, I drink it.

The story of women can be deduced by the length of skirt.

Sometimes the difference between “fearing”and “accepting” is slight.

Some move hand over hot coffee, I don’t.

I cut then chew, some chew then cut.

There is an old legend that Mitt Romney once backed health insurance for all. There is no length to which Democrats will go to lie about this man.

Some shuffle feet while walking, I stride.

If you believe in any idea, have patience, Mitt eventually will come around to supporting it.

I feel comfortable with noise, many in St. Louis were not born in the Bronx.

I wonder how I would act if I was God.

Life is like shooting craps, some skill, but lots of luck.

A family that chews together stays together–in weight.

Which offers more nonsense, the sports analyst or the political one?

I so enjoy hearing the losing pitcher claim, “I had good stuff.” You lost!