We offer observations on the human condition by a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


When children explain to mom, they use hands.

People with large tummy lean over when walking.

In all human societies there are people who hate–we are of the human race.

I wonder as to the number of napkins I am allowed to take home.

Arm around her shoulder, the other arm holds the cell phone. Love in bloom.

I observe humans, such is my fate in life.

I was born in another time, another place, with other people. Such is my fate.

There will come a moment when I regard myself as a senior citizen. Not yet.

I am a patient man, that is why I rarely use cell phone. I will tell you when I get home.

Old expression, “death be not proud,”echoes in my mind.

We need a new book on the etiquette of which facial expressions are polite when on cell phone.

Human and monkey moms clutch baby to body.

Some hold newspaper in left hand  while drinking coffee, other hold with right. I either drink coffee or read a newspaper.

I so miss Sunday morning stickball games.

Sign of the times: Post Office ran out of change of address forms!

She gazes down, he talks on cell phone, meeting of the minds.