We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Another mass shooting, another round of don’t blame guns.

Money may be root of evil, but in 2012 it is root of electoral victory.

I sit alone with my thoughts and often am lost  in an alien planet.

There are those who talk of war, those who fight in wars, and those who never recover from the wounds of war.

Some sweep the floor with rapidity, some linger, and some sweep dust under rug. Guess which one I am?

I struggle with students who believe in the LAW: least amount of work.

I would never carry a gadget in back pocket, I am Bronx born.

To become a great baseball player requires mental discipline.

Woman sits in diner, eyes closed, in prayer. I trust she is not praying about the food.

If a nation wants to fight a war, then all must serve.

Love does not have a dollar sign.

I picked up papers dropped by an elderly woman. Some day I will be elderly like that woman.

Man eats McDonald’s meal, then gazes into space. He needs time to digest the stuff.