We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


We arrive alone, we depart alone. In the intervening time period there are a few people in our lives.

If Obama said the sun was shining, Fox News would have a  special proving it was not shining in Oregon.

There are those brave men and women who seek to fire weapons, provided animals can not fire back.

When a boy towers over you, it is age and shrinkage.

An elderly woman on entering a diner quickly glances to see if there are any single old men around.

Summer time reveals legs that are old.

If you fear fear, it will not be frightened.

Every so often one has a nightmare day, today was one.

I never enter a store with hand in pocket.

If deer were armed, the hunters would be the prey.

The only important thing in life is to live, at least until tomorrow morning.

No braver man existed than the macho man who wants a weapon so he can fight “the government.”

I have never worn a tee shirt with anyone’s name on it. Why should I?

Some stand waiting for order with folded arms, not I.

Children gaze at the world with awe,, the elderly with fatigue.