We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Old expression, “death be not proud.” New expression, “life be not proud.”

We need a new book of etiquette on appropriate facial expressions while on cell phone.

Human and monkey moms carry baby on hip.

Some hold newspaper in left hand while drinking coffee, some in right.

I so miss Sunday morning stickball games.

Sign of times-Post Office ran out of forms.

There is a special gaze when some view computer screen–awe?

I all too often sit alone with my thoughts.

There are those who talk war, those who fight wars, those who die in wars,  and those who never emotionally recover from wars.

Money may be the root of evil, but it sure is the root of power in 2012.

Some sweep floors rapidly, some linger, some just sweep dirt under rug.

I would never carry a gadget in back pocket. I am New York born.

To become a great athlete requires mental and physical discipline.

Woman sits in diner, eyes closed in prayer. Is it the food or God?

If a nation fights wars, all should fight.

They now post calorie counts for everything, but what if you can’t count?