We offer observations on the human condition  from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


If you kill people in America it stimulates a desire for more guns to kill people.

Every so often one must encounter a nightmare day. Today was mine.

Know when to slow down the world.

I never enter a store with a hand in my pocket.

If deer were armed, the hunters would be the hunted.

No verbal braver American male than the one who needs a gun to defend himself against “the government.”

The only important thing in life is to be alive tomorrow.

Some stand waiting for their order with folded arms, I do not.

Children gaze at world with awe, elderly with fatigue.

A brave man is a silent warrior.

Some stand with hand on hip ready to pay the check.

These days Americans reject the quiet reflective leader.

I do not sip a drink, I drink a drink.