We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


All too many Americans in 2012 have a love affair with ignorance.

A woman wearing short white pants is always interesting.

Some who work in fast food places gaze up when serving, some gaze down.

To enter into the mind of another is to enter into one’s mind.

Some break bagels into pieces,  I am Bronx born, eat the damn bagel.

In America God is used to justify hatred. Not very godlike.

I wonder what God eats for supper.

To be alone with self is to be in good company.

She talks on cell phone,  others sit silently–listening to silence.

Some rise from table and clean it, me, I want people to have jobs.

Americans constantly refer to selves as “exceptional.” In which way?

A brave man knows when to avoid violence.

To know who you are is to know who others are.

Once every four years we worry about water polo.

For some to hate President Obama is to regard self as a patriot.

I never sit under the TV screen in a fast food place.

I wonder how disgust at picking nose arose.

TV folk are always smiling and joking with one another. So, how do they react after the program is over?

My attitude in playing ball is that losing today simply makes winning tomorrow even better.

Some wag finger when talking, I do not.

We enter life in a hospital and depart in one.

‘Left hand compliment.” Talk about bias!

Is false hope better or worse than no hope?