We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 heart old body.


Some speak while continuously moving face.

In life, 5% of people lack a sense of morality. Such is life.

Some while explaining move hands, how do they explain over the phone?

Old adage: “Never look a gift horse in mouth.” Today, who can care for a gift horse is the question?

Person with large tummy bends over when walking.

In any human society at least 10% of people are into hating.

She gazes down, he talks on phone, meeting of the minds for lunch.

I wonder if there is a limit as to the number of napkins I can take from a fast food place.

I do not record human folly, the word, “folly”is simply another word for “human.”

I was born in another time, another place, in which community meant caring for others.

There will arrive a moment in life when I will realize that I am now a senior citizen.

Facebook ensures trivia is now read by millions rather than a few.

I am a patient man, that is why I rarely use cell phone.