We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Some sit and gaze at faces, some at the ground.

I rarely lick my fingers, prefer washing them.

Every child loves being pushed around.

I do wish to be physically able to place my leg on top of the table. I am 81.

Clerk counts out nine dollars and gives me ten. I am from New York, your mistake is my gain.

As a child I worked delivering packages and walked and walked. At age 81 still walk and walk.

In Heaven, only God is allowed a Tattoo.

Word interplay makes the work day proceed with joy.

If they fill my coffee cup to the brink and it spills over, can I sue?

Money in America not only speaks, it makes you cry.

On TV all sick children smile and laugh. On TV, that is.

Men hug and kiss at athletic events. No comment.

Women publicly hug and kiss at athletic events. No comment.

Obama is a man apart, emotionally from people.

A society without dreams winds up in nightmares.

A table of people at breakfast prayed. It would be more impressive if they shared food with hungry people.

We now have a Reality show about being a warrior in battle. How about using real bullets?