We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In modern life the only certainty is Death.

Historically people shared in order to survive, today there are people who believe I is the only important person.

If I am carrying a tray I do not sip a drink.

Some slide into seat, I just sit in it.

Just around the corner is another corner.

Don’t try to avoid fate, eventually it will come.

I eat two squares of chocolate each day, I was told it is healthy.

People defend their honor in all too many dishonorable ways.

I assume for some Death is an unwelcome guest.

I cannot recall the last US president who had guts.

Age softens anger, at least it should.

I cannot recall the last mom who was thinner than her daughter.

I have a moment of surprise if a mom wears a short skirt.

I gasp paying $2 for a cup of coffee. You mean it no longer is five cents?

Some wiggle body while walking.

In the end there is an end.

It would be interesting to begin life at end and work backwards.

For some, bodies wear down but not the mind.

Some hug from neck up,some from waist up.

I guess in the land of Dogs, humans wait outside the shop.

She laughs when he speaks, true love.

Arrogance can succeed if only you can out arrogant others.

I wonder if they have name tags in Heaven.

In my childhood, few females wore caps.