We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped i an 82 year old body.


The sound of poverty is  unrelenting noise.

Some wait with arms folded around waist.

In the hour before darkness one must assume that daylight will shortly arrive.

“Dollar short, day late,” gee, I have not heard that expression in over thirty years. Today, we would welcome the dollar, late or not.

Some garden flowers, some the soul.

I miss my water salted bagel-only 50 calories.

People with dogs have permission to talk to anyone about anything.

I have never felt the need to take drugs or alcohol to feel high, just living is high enough for me.

One invariably feels good reaching into a strange bag.

To be a loner is to be a good listener.

3 old men on one side, 3 old ladies on the other, a meeting of 500 years.

Person on Facebook thanked God for awakening feeling good. Does one blame God for a belly ache?

I was born an athlete, lived an athlete and will die one.

Some hold tummy while talking, I don’t.

I asked for four pancakes and was told it was either three or five.

A recession leads to smiling clerks.

Listen to your body to check on health.

Tall women speak with authority.

Just about all Republican millionaires were born in log cabins.