We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Never ask a child if she wants a bag of chips. She does.

Who we are today influences who we will be tomorrow.

I rarely use back of hand to wipe my mouth.

I may be physically older than my students, but much mentally younger.

Some slid when walking.

Recent polls indicate Mitt Romney has zero percent of black vote. I predict on election day the total will be ten times larger.

Some are blessed with wealth, some with wonderful children.

There is a moment of feeling rejected when clerk asks if this is your order.

Mitt Romney has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

If we could return to age 20 would we zoom back to 80?

All women hitch up blouse at least five times each day.

I enjoy the solitude of a train ride. I am alone with strangers.

Some hold sandwich with one hand others with two.

There is a creating force for the universe, call it whatever you desire.

Hate is the most powerful force in American society.

Some claim people, not guns kill people. Agreed, but someone with knife kills fewer.

I always read a throw-it-away newspaper.

If one carries a  baby one has permission to chat with the world.

Is one allowed to enter a diner munching on a  sandwich?

My doctor left me before I could leave him.

Life teaches that some change, make certain you are in this group.

Why is it called, “food bar” but no one drinks anything?

Some conclude at beginning, some at end.