We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year mind trapped in an 82 year old  body.


White girl hugs black male friends, not a sight in my childhood neighborhood.

One requires work to feel human. Such is human condition,

Old ladies enjoy creating old men.

One thing to say about God is that he would never win an award for body design.

It is not getting a second chance that is important, what one does with it is what counts.

People shake head in agreement on cell phone. Why?

Adults talk to babies but they do not talk to adults. Strange.

Balance in life is central to  a balanced life.

Some waddle, I don’t.

Some sit down and sip, I wait.

I have  no need to hold newspaper away from me.

I enjoy the solitude of solitude.

There are Americans and there is Mitt.

Is it myth or reality that heavy set people enjoy a hearty laugh?

Trim old ladies always look trim and healthy.