We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


A nation without vision is a nation led by blind men.

No one appreciates Mitt like Mitt.

These days pharmacies and banks always have customers.

The choices you make lead to the consequences you get.

“Silence of the lambs”describes America leading into the presidential election.

I assume when trees covered the land, people were not overwhelmed by heat.

Some rearrange food on the tray, it is ON a tray!

There are double standards in life, particularly if you have money.

All too many young Americans believe “hard work” is spending time text messaging.

Was there ever a women who rose from a seat without tugging at her dress?

Grandma, mom, and daughter, a tale of three butts.

To fear the future is to fear today.

A common complaint of young Americans is to complain of living in slavery. Don’t even ask what they consider to be the state of slavery!

Some speak while continually moving face, I don’t.

In life, 95% of people are moral, and the rest are amoral. Such is life.

I experience difficulty dealing with cruelty.