We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I am always respectful to any person wearing a religious cloth.

Elderly nun at breakfast table, are there still any around is question?

Some walk with hands in pocket, I don’t.

Oh, I wish my life was in the stars.

No modern war was every fought without each side claiming  God was with them, not the other guys.

Most modern college students believe they are entitled to at least seven chances.

Some shuffle, others walk.

We need a new Reality show: Match My Butt!

Elderly women smile at me.

I enjoy the loneliness of loneliness.

Football players love to dance after touchdown, baseball players throw hands to sky.

I have always regarded myself as a stranger visiting a strange planet.

Sounds of my present life were not sounds of my childhood.

Beauty is not in the beholder, it is in the body and heart.

I have never had a woman hold me and sing a love song. Have I missed something?

Student informs me that he has to cut class to study for another class test. And, he is angry at me for giving him a dirty look!

Little boys clutch iPad to face.

The “I” generation now inhabits the planet.

A woman in tight jeans is, by definition, interesting.

I demand, hot, not warm coffee!