We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In the end, people get what they wanted.

Some listen to heart, some to  mind. And, some to both.

No one can plan for unintended consequences, that is why they are termed, unintended.

Some survive, some fail and some endure.

There is a moment when sun hidden by clouds that I wonder if ever again to see sun.

Take the high road and you may never see the valley.

Future generations will be shocked at our refusal to confront global warming.

I wonder what took place for bread among my cro-magnon ancestors.

Mom and daughter both change dark to blond hair.

For some when presented evidence, prefer denying it.

Teen age girl always leads mom and dad.

Most wonderful experience is being lifted by mom and hugged.

At age 82 one prefers dawn to dusk.

Some children grow up quickly, some never do grow up.

I never fear the unknown, it is so interesting not to know.

Some are big first bite folk. I am not.

Some throw head back when laughing.

If you want anger in life, you will get it.

Some fear the dawn, not me, I am 82.

I no longer encounter blades of grass emerging from concrete sidewalks.

I once played every day of week, alas, no more.

Some chomp and are not a chimpanzee.

Dad gazes at son-in wonder or doubt is question?