We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Americans lack knowledge of their own military history.

I am a bigot, I assume if one is of Asian heritage the body is slim.

To apologize is to recognize.

If hands are inside the elbows while listening, then listening is occurring.

I am a man of few words who never halts talking.

Some are men of constant sorrow.

Mystery of life: who Really is Barack Obama?

Some people are intelligent fools.

It is never too late to fight against injustice.

I read, I do not gaze at life.

To forget one’s past is to forget who you are.

Some Americans stay awake all night worrying about the plight of Wall Street bankers. How sweet.

Ignorance is not only a state of bliss, it is a state of ignorance.

Eventually, robots will  run this planet.

In my 80s I miss the sound of ball entering my mitt.

Children –and Republicans-lack sense of knowing when enough is enough.

If told pizza will be ready in fifteen minutes I demand a free one if it is a minute later!

Some use chopping motion when talking.

I wonder what took place of pizza in the 17th century.

My nation is right some times, never always.

Arrogance transforms knowledge into arrogance.