We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


All too many Republicans love dogs, children and idiots.

I am the anti-human. Just a visitor on this planet.

“This too will pass,”wisest words spoken.

Americans hug on greeting, French kiss.

I rarely sit with back to door, I am from the south Bronx.

I wonder if comic strips will disappear.

Easy to  arouse hate in human, hard to arouse, love.

Proudest achievement in life is raising children.

If I care not for others, who then cares for me?

Some tear bagel into tiny pieces, not me.

I have never endured the emotion of hate that lasted longer than 48 hours.

Sign: “God Bless America: Buy 4 Windows.” I am certain God will be pleased.

Mom leads, kids follow, eventually, kids will lead mom.

McDonald’s sales drop. So does obesity.

Kids love to climb, seniors like me, don’t.

I rarely clutter the table, I am Depression born.

Some bet the pile, some hedge bets, I am latter.

Mitt Romney is the guy in 1930s films who loses the girl.