We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Some observe faces, some butts.

Poor body design, three kids and two arms.

Mom always places purse on shoulder before picking up kid.

Short dress over jeans, why?

When dad arrives at table, he first touches baby.

Dilemma: Take lid off coffee or risk?

There is always a moment of anxiety when alone in a fast food place.

I wonder who designed small, medium or large cups.

If someone gazes at me in the diner, I wonder what I did wrong.

The genius of 20th century was the person who persuaded customers to clean up.

To be a solitary man is not to be alone. I always have my mind.

Is Utopia a state of mind or a reality?

Like all things in life, Death is a crap shoot.

Children prefer small steps.

Mystery of life is origin of language.

One must suffer to get well.

No greater sense of hurt than being betrayed.

To turn back on one’s past is to be rootless.

Woman takes two large pastries to go with her butt.

Back of dad and son is a tale of two butts.

Big brother will carry tray while little brother trails behind.

For some, putting on jacket gets life in order.

At age 82 I no longer kick open door.