We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


A Dentist office next to McDonald’s, a match made in Heaven.

We need weighing stations at entrance to fast food shops.

Oh, to live in a city and never again drive a car!

Children possess incredible curiosity until they enter school.

Say, whatever happened to Rudy Giuliani after he saved America?

As butt sizes expand, do minds?

My body now  wobbles as I walk.

God made bodies wear out so there would be new customers.

She gazes out window as he gazes down. Lunch for the married.

I see a woman being wheeled in a wheelchair-my future?

Adage: what goes round comes around. Only if you decide it happens.

Some dream of riches in bank, some in mind.

My dream is to voyage beyond the stars.

I rarely place hand in pocket to check anything

Humans throughout time have always spoken with hands.

Age slows bending over process.

My real disaster is to misplace glasses.

To be human is to function as a detective.

Child gazes at me-what is he thinking?

To be alive is to think, to think is to be alive.

The noise of life can be overwhelming.

Lesson of life is we can always do without.

Some clean off table before sitting, I do not. I am Depression  born.

We possess an analytical mind but all too often do not use it.

Some rub wrist when speaking, I do not.

My strength in life- I readily detect  bullshit.

My mind is my most precious possession.

We arrive alone and thus will we depart.

Americans insist there is always a conspiracy.