Wed offer observations  on the human condition from a 22year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


For some, the unknown is more friendly than known.

We say, ‘I am my brother’s keeper,” when we all too often mean, “I am my keeper.”

Some wander geographically, some mentally.

To love a daughter-in-law is a choice, not a necessity.

Life is brutal without money.

Then again, for some life is brutal because they have money.

Mystery of Life: what causes an athlete to have a slump?

Mystery of Life:  what ends a slump?

A stranger who gazes at me arouses curiosity.

I spend my life engaged in talk but prefer silence.

Old man and young boy simultaneously hit door, who first enters?

I used to run with the wind, today I run against it.

Some open doors of life slowly, some just fling it open.

I probably grew up too quickly.

I can never figure out why I forget the obvious.

Curiosity did not kill cat, lack of it, did.

Never look back, always go forward.