We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 22 year old body.


I enjoy teasing those at work.

I learned some balance exercise, I am now a balanced man.

To dream is to live.

People these days blame the President for traffic jams.

One must feel sorry for others, not for self.

Hefty grandma, thin son, thinks to come?

Mitt Romney is the best caricature of Mitt Romney.

Always trust guts.

Bravery consists of one part stupidity, one part determination, and one part luck.

I wonder if other  life forms age.

Employees deserve time to chat with customers.

A moment of awkwardness when person sitting on inside must  leave.

Miracle of life is when sun emerges from dark clouds.

Sgt. Knox taught me that war sucks.

Old Saying: all good things come to an end. And, hopefully, so did bad things.

Kids love clapping hands over heads.

To love is to surrender self and gain another.