We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in a 82 year old body.


Older the man, the more he hitches up pants.

A cashier returned my extra quarter, a Wall Street banker would charge me interest.

There are times mom wishes she had three hands.

Why do we refer to HIM as HIM?

The only free pass in life is Death.

Some wave hands as they talk.

I can not grasp how a blond haired girl can sell bagels? This is not kosher!

Some fear Hell, some behave Hellishly.

Some carry the weight of the world on their bodies.

Each in the couple gazes at their iPad. A love triangle?

Always be on eye level with a child.

If I live in the thoughts of my child, I live forever.

Some place hand on lap as they talk.

We should replace expression, “fat chance” with “thin chance.”

I wonder what would happen if I took advantage of every ad.