We offer observations on the human condition from a 2 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Fat body leads to fat mind?

A man alone is a thinking man.

To love with passion is to love.

NRA solution to any gun violence is more guns and violence.

I dream of new worlds beyond the stars.

“Fat Head” no longer is an insult, just the norm.

I never knew that Socrates went to class armed with a sword.

Americans carry the weight of the world on their bodies.

I assume the only second chance in Heaven is Hell.

Death is the ultimate surprise in life.

I am amazed at ability of women to fold legs underneath body.

Does one place her tray down before his?

I so enjoy the solitude of Sunday morning.

Some born to greatness, some just born.

A fragile person needs tender loving care.

A man alone with his mind is never alone.

To reflect on life is to reflect on death

Every child should be taught chess.

One must laugh inwardly at folly of life.