We offer observations on the human condition  from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I assume crying emerged as a signal of distress.

Two children eating ignore the strange girl who gazes at them.

Has a woman ever lived who did not fiddle with hair?

Men wearing baggy pants always look poor.

Large butt on small girl does not match.

I am a victim of technology, something always does not function.

Lincoln would never get elected these days.

I long for a robot to handle my technology life.

Ignorance is a weapon used by those who hate.

All my boyhood friends are dead.

Republicans have an undying anger toward poor people.

Distance is relative to one’s mind.

If in love, one can never lose.

I continue being shocked hearing a voice in a coffee shop.

Sports binds people more than any other aspect of our lives.

I want hot, not lukewarm coffee.

If cashier rubs hands I check the change