We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old  mind trapped in am 82 year old body.


As one  grows old, one’s humor grows out of date with youth.

I do not like people hovering over me when I eat.

Table of men in sixties contains a table of hearing aids.

I so enjoy teaching at a college and getting free paper and pens.

How many people at one table can I offer to purchase a cup of coffee?

Will a day arrives in  my life when my wife helps me rise from table?

I have never swung my arms when inside a store.

So many are furious with anger because a  poor person wants to eat.

For members of the Tea Party, Jesus only supped with the wealthy.

A child must place knees on the chair.

Some clutch coffee cup with fervor.

To be truly human is to love-without reservations.

Some sit impassively as another speaks.

We arrive without money and depart without money.

Job creators create jobs for job creators.

A child feels joy crawling into seat.

I feel  deprived if there is no open table for me at a coffee shop.

Some wipe hands on pants, I do not.

Mystery of life: why did Hardees change color of napkins?

Some lay out food before eating.