Each week, we offer the rambling thoughts of a 78 year old mind on the human condition. His comments are not supported with any evidence, just his observations.

I consider it a moment of triumph if I leave one checkout line and to to another which results in a faster checkout.

On October 30, the streets of Kirkwood, Missouri, were filled with children celebrating Halloween. Has the date been changed?

I had to purchase a new electric razor in order to get a human being to explain how to clean it.

Thursday, has been a busy shopping day in my supermarket. Not, this week. Is it the economy?

Some women should not wear baggy jeans. Neither should some men.

I never feel as comfortable with a computer as I do with pen and paper. I am 78, need I say more?

I fear this spring some college students will struggle to get a loan.

I always have a moral dilemma when I wheel a shopping cart to my car. Should I return the cart to its designated spot or should I just leave it there? I usually opt to just leave it there figuring this helps someone get a job.

A man thought he had done the right thing getting a flat tire a few feet from a Dobbs Tire Store. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and the store was closed on Sunday.

I am always fascinated seeing a well dressed woman with her mother in the supermarket shopping on a Saturday. Is it the weekly or monthly visit?

I have not seen a phone booth in years. Are they still around?

I would prefer if fast food places stuck to one food. The quality is better that way. And, you know what you get shopping in it.

I have a unique ability to extricate myself from a traffic jam just in time to enter a new one a mile down the road.

I invariably get the seat in a theater which is next to the chubby guy.

A great feeling is zooming down the right lane while the left is motionless.

If I am doing well in the right lane, something in my mind insists I eventually transfer to the left. Why?

If you see a group of five women, one invariably is very short.

I encounter a dilemma in a men’s room when two urinals are yellow colored. Which do I flush before the peeing?

People at the theater during intermission are allowed to talk to strangers.

Halloween in my Depression childhood had nothing to do with candy since no one had spare money for it. We spent the night chalking up things.

Americans should be allowed to vote on the weekend.

I live in Missouri which means nonstop commercials and phone calls from McCain people. Strange, but I don’t get as many robot voices from Democrats.

John McCain continues to insist, “‘I’ve been tested.” Isn’t the question– did you pass or fail?

I passed the St. Louis Wellness Center but simply could not find the St. Louis Unwellness Center.