We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 22 year old body.


I never wear clothing displaying an American flag, I am a patriot.

It is difficult for an adult to replicate a child’s stare of wonder.

Circumstances do not decide my life, I do.

If you lose some words, don’t worry, they will return.

Mystery of Life: my last dream.

I wonder if Death gets weary and takes a vacation.

I possess an athlete’s mind more than that of a scholar.

Each time a door is opened, a new mystery awaits.

In my  childhood, Xmas meant for Jewish kids, no school.

Je crois, alors, je suis.

Talk is not cheap, all too often it is expensive.

Two businessmen engaged in conversation are discussing the fate of humankind.

Some halt at water’s edge, some jump in.

My mind sifts through life’s  experiences.

The way out, all too often, is the difficult way out.

My life is in my dreams.

Death is the ultimate surprise of Life.

To forget is simply being human.

Republicans have a love affair with Wealth.