We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year  old body.


All machines are mysterious to me.

My secret desire, attending a cooking school.

Words I do not like hearing from a car mechanic, “I think….”

Modern times require reinventing self.

Some put finger in air to make a point. I don’t.

Some walk w arily toward the  coffee urn.

New Rule In US Congress:  Silence is Golden.

Some move hands side-to-side when walking.

I wonder if all life forms speak with body.

Always honor kindness from strangers.

There are times in football to “take the knee.” Also in life.

Mystery: why do people take receipt for coffee.

My arms have grown tired, not my mind.

I always place right knee over left.

As a child I ran with the wind, today the wind runs my body.

In the end, reality always triumphs.

Free coffee at Dierbergs. Wow!

I was born without much money, I leave without much money, I still feel I came out ahead.