We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


“Winter Blend”coffee arrives in December and concludes in February, a mighty short winter

Some talk to self while on computer.

Those who have never fought in battle want  others to fight in battle.

I feel guilty  using napkin to blow nose.

Does anyone use a handkerchief these days?

If you don’t pray to God, who should you pray to?

I am always startled to see someone write with left hand.

I never feel sorry for myself.

Whatever I have done in life, I have done.

Some are afraid of dark, some of light of knowledge.

I bought something today, gee, I helped the American economy.

We test to become a lawyer, a doctor, a hair stylist, but not to become a congressman.

I wonder if there is a test to enter Heaven.

Then again, are Angeles held accountable?

These days backs of people are more observed than front.

I have never overestimated my intelligence.

There are few “perfect days” in life, cherish one.

It is as good to doubt as to know.

For Republicans, OK to  subsidize farmers but not a hungry person.