Each week, we offer the rambling observations on the human condition by a 78 year old mind. The comments are not based on truth, simply on spur of the moment thinking.

If dogs walked humans, they would not pick up the poop. They are not stupid humans.

Senator Joe Lieberman has the face of a sad clown.

I often grapple with the dilemma of whether to take the longer route on the highway or use the shorter route which requires cutting through on city streets.

I intensely dislike people who use the expression “un-American.”

In my childhood they gave out election buttons. Hard to find them today unless one pays.

At the polling place, I was asked, “Paper or electronic.” I replied: “I am 78, pass the paper.”

God must provide good weather on election days.

I wonder who George Bush voted for since both candidates slammed him nonstop.

I was asked if I wanted to retain Judge X or Y and did not have a clue. Do you know which judge to retain?

I am 78 and have never voted for any Republican candidate. Now, if they allowed us to vote for dog catchers, I might.

I admire a politician with a sense of humor. Believe it or not, whoever wins, the sun sets tomorrow.

People who work at the polling stations invariably are over 60. I guess the pay supplements social security.

If one selected to use paper, you were out in five minutes while those who voted electronically took twenty minutes.l

I cried on Tuesday night knowing the American national tragedy was over.

It is unusual for people over 50 to look good in tight jeans. I never wear them.

I usually never wave my ams while walking. Do you?

I always have this moment of surprise when seeing a Muslim girl wearing tight jeans who has a chador on her head.

I often debate when opening a door whether it must be done slowly to avoid hitting someone who is walking down the corridor.

I water fountain has a cup holder. My mouth doesn’t need a darn cup in order to drink the water. More waste and pollution.

I was asked to speak to a college class about what it was like going to school in the 1930s. I am now an historic relic.

I was at a meeting where they had chocolate donuts and muffins. I grappled with the dilemma of a chocolate high or a filled stomach.

I sat at a faculty meeting and noticed not a single person in the room was under thirty. I guess the assumption is: age =wisdom.

I suffer fools poorly.

If I do not walk for an hour each day, my life feels incomplete.

I felt sad for John McCain on Tuesday night.

I was walking and came to a sign saying, “Road Closed” but I saw a squirrel running along the road. Is it fair to ban humans but allow squirrels access to a place?

  • Maxwell Evans

    I always choose the chocolate high.