We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year  old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Never forget that God is a stand up comic, how else to explain this Earth?

Act, don’t think about hunch.

To all comes a moment when we shuffle through life.

I wonder why God talks to some but not others.’

Once we all were children in body, hopefully we are always children in spirit.

Some seek peace in world, some in mind.

In my youth we begged for pennies and said, “a penny earned is a penny gained.” Today, all too many penniless.

Some sit gently, others with force.

I have never doubted being my brother’s keeper, I just have one, who else would be it?

Eventually there will be a war between the drones.

I take off jacket before sitting, others when seated.

I have decided to win a lottery.

To wave at a child is to wave at God.

Rule of life: there is always a hitch in any plan.

To be a  man alone is to be a man with God.

Mom’s focus is on dad, the child on meal being eaten.

I spent my life with nameless people.

One cannot love without surrendering part of soul.

He and she enter, he sits at table, she at booth. Another mystery of life.

Machinery teaches child to gaze, not to wonder.