WE offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old  body.


In a group there is always one sitting with arms folded nodding in agreement.

I can never figure out why women smooth the bottom of their jackets.

One person must rise so others can rise.

In a coffee shop one gazes into eternity.

Some walk swinging elbows, I don’t.

Some eat meal piece by piece, I eat it all together.

We all do not know what we don’t know unless we choose to know.

Children enjoy leaning on mom’s shoulder.

We reach a point in life when child serves parents.

Some inch chair toward table, others do it in one jump.

For me to lose a ten cent pen is equivalent to a corporate executive losing a million dollars.

Children enjoy leaning back when in dad’s arms.

First thought on losing an object is not “how” but “why?”

A tall lanky boy must slouch.

I wonder at what age a child can give parents gentle butt in bottom.

I always wanted to work in a coffee shop so I could watch humanity in action.

Paradox of life-tall children from short parents.

Some wave fingers, I wave hand.

I am lost in a bakery, I am unable to decide which to buy.