We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


People argue about more or less, not  about what is more effective.

We refer these days to “Muslims” while in my childhood it was “Jews.”

To be in an Army is to be involved in life and death.

Hate is a dessert we can do without.

No greater anger than toward friend one thought guilty of betrayal.

Grandma great joy-taking grandchild out to eat.

Once we could eat in silence, these days we need noise of cell phone.

Joy for an American conservative is news that wages are dropping.

On a cloudy day when sun breaks through one thinks to see God.

I always carry slips of paper in back pocket.

A long time since I heard, “the word is my oyster.”

I wonder if men would be different if they carried a purse.

Long legs automatically makes a woman more attractive.

If one reaches for the Moon, one is bound to catch a star.

I feel angry if toilet is locked.

Some clutch empty coffee cup to heart.

I more ofte rise quickly than slowly.

If it is a one person toilet, then why, “Men” or “Women”signs?

These days drive a mile and one will see empty stores.

There is always a lonely car in a parking lot.

I love the sound of an ambulance.

We reach a point in time when snow is dangerous.