We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I have never placed my knees under my body.

There is infinity of space, and of a single mind.

In life, there are always chances.

There are times in life when one feels paralyzed.

Sometimes when confronted with reality, we prefer fantasy.

My car was the  only one covered in snow. Another example of anti-Semitism.

Woman enters coffee shop, gazes at me. I do not know her.

For Americans, the dream was going West. Today, win the lottery.

I prefer two chair tables to avoid feeling guilty.

The human mind is conditioned to either hate or love.

These days I clutch bannister tightly.

There is always one in group who rises slowly.

I wonder who invented the motion of hitching up pants.

We excuse what we know, and hate what we do not know.

To be an excellent soldier, one must hate the enemy.

We choose to hate.

We choose to forgive.

Some  speak with passion, some listen with passion.

In the act of “explaining,”one uses hands, eyes and body.

Some sit with hands folded, I do not.

There are things in life to miss.

Some stand erectly in ordering food.