We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Once  I walked firmly, today,cautiously.

I miss physical labor.

Bones wither, all too often so do minds.

Old statement: “Master of my faith.” New, just let me keep some faith in future.

It is against my religion to drink soda in the morning.

I learned in the Army that guns kill.

Some fear the unknown, sorry, it is our destiny.

It is a long time since I worked at night. I miss the solitude of evening.

Son grows  tall while we adults grow short.

Some shout: “I am God.” God does not, He IS God.

I believe in the power of a jinx.

Employee holds a box of donuts and hands them out to fellow employees. A birthday?

Some whisper their words on cell phone. I guess they fear someone will hear them.

My speed in eating has always been moderate.

I never regret aiding others who today will not aid me.

I assume God is our companion on the last voyage of life.

Spring training is a moment when dreams are being made.

Four teenagers, eight eyes fixed on iPads.