We offer observations on the human condition  from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I always read throw away newspapers, one never knows what one will learn.

I tried a black cherry smoothie, not too smooth in the stomach.

Tall boys tower over me as they walk past me.

For some reason, I inhabit a planet in which reason is a stranger.

Some shuffle papers with delight.

I grow bored listening to people who want war.

I await calmly the day when I will shuffle, not walk.

I was taught as a child that to panic leads to injury.

Some write to gain fame, I write to live.

Which is worse, to know what happens tomorrow or to forget yesterday?

To ignore Fate is to ignore life.

It is either darkness or  light that ends darkness.

We send men to fight, but when they return, everyone for himself.

All too often, we doubt our capabilities.

There are moments in life to recall, other times to forget.

I regret nothing  I did in life, what was, was. Move on.