We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year  old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


We live with hope and die with pessimism.

It is neither the best nor worst of times.

Dad always caresses young daughter’s hair.

Some eat with serious look, it is only food not the fate of the world.

When mom sits she always places arm around shoulder of youngest child.

The last unknown will always remain unknown.

Sometimes it is best to forget.

In a group of women there is always one who is the shortest and pudgy.

Sometimes it is best to remember.

Three thin teenage girls, now or forever is the question.

Mystery of life: why do some wear dark glasses in a coffee shop?

I alone know who I am and am not.

To ignore human rights in the name of “security” is to ignore human rights.

I have never feared the truth of my life.

Some prefer the back to the front door of life.

If I am not proud of who I am, who will be?

Most take jacket off by first removing left arm.

I have white hair and women say, “hi,” dark hair and no comment.

Managers in fast food places slouch when walking.

Nothing more joyous than sun after rain.

Purchase four sodas and  price reduced, purchase one and it remains same. Capitalism in action.

I have never lied to anyone as to whether I would hire them.