We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty two year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In the end, just an end, perhaps a beginning. I do not know.

We rarely celebrate the middle of life.

Expression, “have a good day,” I prefer, “have a good life.”

I am more impressed by those who do rather than those who say they will do.

Hand extended during discussion indicates an important point.

I go an extra mile for students and most go an extra inch for me.

Some clutch coffee cup close to mouth.

I possess a propensity to drop things.

Humans enjoy rubbing back of child.

History always changes as does our lives.

I speak with a child as I speak with an adult.

Some prefer what they know rather than what they could know.

To learn is to be with God.

Cliche, “Ignorance is bliss.” Reality,  ignorance is dangerous to one’s health.

At time of unemployment, the issue for some is ending the Big Gulp.

As a child I had a choice, today, multiple choices.

I do not miss the old snot covered handkerchiefs.

We always put on left shoe before right one.