Each week, we offer comments from a strange 78 year old mind which comments on the human condition. Nothing stated here can be proved.

Nobody Asked Me But,

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a green light at the end of the block and speeding up just in time to catch the red.

The door to the women’s rest room was open and there was a chair. How come there are no chairs in men’s rest rooms?

In winter all jobs should begin at 10:00 a.m. to allow ice on car windows to melt.

New York City transit is closing some subway lines. The nation discusses how to reduce dependance on oil and subway lines are closed.

I wonder what people will talk about at Thanksgiving dinner. I suspect being alive and still in good health will top the lists.

I tend to drive more in the right lane. I am cautious in driving since I was raised in a subway culture.

The sun is always in the wrong place when I drive–invariably right in front of me regardless whether it is morning or afternoon.

The moon and Mars have always fascinated me. My dream is setting foot on Mars and being warmly greeted.

Freezing weather will soon be upon us as hiring freezes result in frozen hearts.

Depression era people had optimism the future would be brighter. I wonder if people in the Great Recession will have a similar attitude.

I hate when someone brings donuts to work that are all chocolate covered. I prefer plain donuts, you get the taste without so many calories.

Every so often I get a stress attack. Tums and ginger ale do the trick so who needs a doctor?

I frequently wonder what will be the long term impact of the Iraq war on America’s youth. I don’t have a clue.

Fender benders these days result in three police cars with flashing lights. Can’t a single cop handle such disasters?

I don’t see cars parked by bowling alleys in the morning. Have people stopped early morning bowling?

My stomach tightens if I look in the rear view mirror and a police car appears.

I was given a sample of a Mexican style breakfast sandwich. I took a bite and realized I was Russian.

A department store advertised 70% off clothes in November. Does this mean after Christmas sales will consist of giving away clothes?

It is strange how in certain areas I instinctively drive slow. Invariably, I come across cars pulled over for speeding. I believe it is my Cro-Magnon instincts for avoiding danger.

I enjoy the loneliness of Xeroxing on a Friday afternoon in a college campus. Just me and the machine.

A new president is better to be underestimated than overestimated.

I had my car lubed at a Jiffy Lube. I jokingly asked the girl, “how long is a jiffy?” and received a blank stare.

Why should coupons expire? They were given away to be used, weren’t they?