We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Some dwell in the valley of Anger, a mighty long valley.

I used to speak a foreign language, today I only recall words.

I am impressed by snow that lasts a week.

Some walk with left hand in pocket, some with right.

Pop and I rarely spoke verbally, just spiritually.

There is only one end to life on Earth. Sorry, no second acts.

Each person possesses the power to love.

Some men carry wallet in back pocket, not me, I am Bronx born.

I wonder where the concept of a “refill”originated.

Jeans and big butt are not good companions.

I have a  hunch  tiger mom does better job of raising cubs than human moms raising kids.
The only sad ending to a story is Death.

I awoke with a sore toe. HOW?

To anticipate one’s life decisions is to ward off Death.

Rule of poor people-first pay the rent.

I am always surprised to see a cop eating.

I would  be more surprised to see them piss.

As a child I thought teachers knew everything. Ah, the myths of childhood.