We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


In the near future humans will do lunch with a robot.

I sigh in wonder when someone younger than I dies.

I live in the shadow of Death, but then again, so do all.

Each day I gaze in wonder at the numbers selected for the lottery and those that I did not.

In Georgia, a breakthrough, a white/black prom!

Hate lingers  longer than does love.

In the end, we are all dirt.

They say “ignorance is bliss,” not when your ignorance impacts MY life!

Debt in life is relative.

Some take out money on entering coffee shop to pay, some wait until after they order.

Ager alters one’s taste buds.

Some twiddle thumbs while talking.

Every picture of North Koreans has people waving fists in air.

Children enjoy shoving bottle of soda around on table.

Saying: “God Works In Mysterious Ways.” Heck, if you are God, Everything you do is mysterious.

I do not believe it is legal to use a coffee cup from one coffee shop in another.