We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind, trapped in an 82 year old body.


Greatest business invention of the 20th century was persuading customers to clean up.

After finishing food, lap top owners rearrange location of lap top.

I can not recall the last time I purchased anything with a penny.

Sad sight, pot bellied white haired man.

Trend these days, fewer employees working harder.

Our childhood sounds will eventually be lost to the future.

Some regret past actions, I do not. I live in the present.

People wear signs depicting who they are, but not really who they are.

Some ponder about body, some about mind.

If son with mom, at some point she issues an order to him.

Soup inside bread an interesting idea.

I wonder what triggered change in brain to produce new ideas.

I so miss the Italian man selling ices on the street.

Issue at all dinner tables-who takes the first bite?

I enjoy the feeling of warm breeze on my face.

3 men, three lap tops, 3 intense looks.

I wonder how many trees died because I want to wipe my nose?

How does one scratch a bald head?