We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


I wonder how many Americans cooked their breakfast today.

In the end, we all will self check out in supermarkets-and will not get paid for doing it.

I have both fear and inquisitiveness about Death.

Most teen girls walk a  few steps apart from mom.

I recall my first taste of coffee, November, 1951 in a snow covered forest, I figured they would not give me hot chocolate.

Mystery of life is life.

Only exam worth a damn is life experience.

I wonder what would most surprise my mom about modern life.

If only students gazed as intently at books as they do at machines.

Eventually, I will push the cart in supermarket, slowly.

Old saying: “God works in mysterious ways.” Not really. It is humans who do.

Some open passenger door to put in  package, some driver door.

Famous people disappear into oblivion.

Some wear cross to identify religion, sorry, it is what is worn in heart that counts.

Some take bite, then gaze at newspaper, others at a screen.

People wave less these days.

Some stand with hand in pocket, I do not.

The  main terrorists in America are those with guns-native born.

Some walk slowly with a cane, alas, some day I will.

Red headed people convey excitement.

Americans believe they have a constitutional right to kill-but, you do not.

Some use body weight to move a chair, I do not.

To record life is to record death.