We offer observations from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year  old body.


Some walk with hand near crotch.

A child first places knees on chair before getting seated.

I can actually exist without Facebook.

Somewhere in this promised land the sun is shining.

A family meal, once upon a time in America.

Some walk slowly to dispose of garbage, good to the last bite.

Tee shirts inform world who you like.

Hate others and wind up hating self.

I have had few “eureka” moments in life.

I wonder how many Catholics each day think about the Pope.

The past shaped who I am today, cherish the past.

A “love me” message on butt-an invitation?

Some chew vigorously, some, gently.

The body is my friend, I treat kindly my friends.

When tomorrow is today, today is yesterday.

I am a nonchalant person, except about human cruelty.

Cherish unconditional love, not in great quantity.

I still wonder what Obama will fight to the death to preserve.

In the end our hair is white, such is the human condition.

From whence we come, we return–eventually!