We offer observations on the human condition from a  22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year  old body.


Remember, fame today is forgotten tomorrow.

No one clutches as tightly as does a little girl holding her doll.

I wonder what was the favorite sweet of a cro-magnon.

Love is not only a four letter word, but it is the opposite of the four letter word H A  T E

Price of a single bagel these days would have paid for a meal in my childhood.

Joy for a child, holding the bag of donuts.

There are friends in name, but not in deed.

No woman has walked more than five steps without pulling down on her blouse.

To love with passion is to be with God.

The great leveler of life is Death.

A baby breathes new life into life, death removes life from life.

Some have a love affair with their body, others with their tummy.

These days people have a bagel after church, food for the mind or body is the question?

Man enjoys son who towers over him.

A man dressed in a suit on Sunday morning just got out of church.

Some play with hands working on computer.

I do not recall using any plastic item in my youth.

Some hold arms stiffly next to body when walking.

I doubt if God attends, Friday or Saturday or Sunday services.

I await the day when a cane is in my hand.

Big bust does not always go with big body.

I wonder if it rains differently on other planets.

In life, always own up to a mistake.

iPod provides mom something to talk with child.

Child employed tears to get something from mom, I never did as a child.

There are those who seek to unlock mystery of life.

Cliche-life works in mysterious ways–it really does not.

There is a moment in a  coffee shop when most depart for work.

I resent loud voice on cell phone.

Few balance lap top on knees.

Some day coffee shop will charge for office space.