We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


If you are in search of a headache, just read any statement from the NRA.

Most place laptop under left arm.

If God takes a vacation,where does he go? I assume to another universe.

Each month my coffee intake drops.

I wonder at which part of the day humans  are most profound.

There is a  time when an athlete should realize it is time to take a time out.

One should know when to leave the stage of life.

Some females throw back the back and others throw forward their breasts.

We all too often do not know our strengths.

Some have eyes that light up with excitement.

Some thrust open door with determination.

Some play with lip while talking.

Some synchronize bites with spouse.

There is always a  moment when one does not know if winter has really departed.

Some give food order leaning on counter, others take a step back.

Some lean down to right while laughing.

Middle age daughter clears debris for mom.

It must be right if three heads nod in agreement.

If two are on one side of table and one on the other, guess who controls the conversation?