We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Some girls take a hop when walking.

To be born in a Depression means never turning down a bargain.

From birth, I never doubted my ignorance.

Story of all famous people includes famous pain.

Some feel threatened by knowledge.

Superman came from another planet, I wonder if he ever returned home.

I always had a strong desire to succeed at sports.

To seek to go beyond the self, is to be with God.

Some spend life reviewing regrets, I do not.

Wise words: “Je ne sais pas.”

Never apologize for not knowing. Apologize for not desiring to know.

Remember, another mountain lies beyond this one.

I have an insatiable interest in people.

I do not enjoy sitting on a stool.

If woman has a baby with her, she goes in front of me on the line.

Most place left leg first in getting on stool.

Some point to sky but have mind trapped on the ground.

Human condition, any thing is possible, anywhere.

Some rub hands while walking, I do not.

I enjoy the warmth of the back of couch.

In reality, there are no surprises, someone already said or did it.